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We carry a large selection of forged forks in a wide variety of sizes,
which enables us to respond to customers needs immediately.
We are fully equipped to manufacture the gamut of forged forks,
regardless of the make, model and dimension of your forklift —
including older vehicles still on the market!

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To order, please use the following form, call us at 1 800-267-0355 ext. 104 or email us at :

Standard I.T.A. Fork Tips
Shaft/Pin/Bar type Fork Tips
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Replacing aging forks, need a backup set in case of fork failure,
or stocking up on different lengths for special loads?

  • Hook- and ring-type forks

  • Fork extenders

  • Forks for handling steel coils

  • Fork-mounted carpet rams

  • Bolt-on forks

  • Rotating forks

Evaluate the condition of your forged forks

Vallée recommends the following easy procedure to assess the remaining capacity of a used fork:

  • Indicate the initial capacity of the fork (1x)
  • Identify the area where wear is the most severe
  • Indicate the initial thickness at this specific area
  • Measure the actual fork thickness at this specific area
  • Input the data on the adjacent calculation chart to obtain the wear rate and remaining capacity
Initial Capacity (per fork)
Initial Thickness
Measured Thickness
Percentage of remaining capacity
Percentage of fork thickness wear rate
Wear Rate
Percentage of Remaining Capacity
Maximum Remaining Charge (per fork)
Your forks should be replaced. Contact us for a quote . 418 268-8955
Your forks are in good condition. Contact us for a quote . 418 268-8955

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