Our Mission

Vallée's mission is to offer a top-class service and complete expertise for your mobile handling solutions. This mission is carried out with our values in mind: happiness, pride and efficiency.


At Vallée, well-being is a priority and we strive to ensure that everyone is happy at work and in their relationships with the team, customers, suppliers and the community. Whether through the feeling of accomplishment, team spirit or camaraderie, seeing happiness expressed in all its ways is a true measure of success.


The pride on the part of the team, customers and partners towards Vallée shows that we always work with quality in mind and that our robust products are up to the task. A job well done, executed with enthusiasm and expertise is a great source of pride.


Vallée is looking for efficiency both internally and with its partners. The satisfaction of feeling that everyone is trying to move forward via the most efficient path makes the journey enjoyable and creates value for everyone.


Welcome to Vallée! We want our values to shine through.


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