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Vallée offers custom-designed rotating forks with standardized or non-standardized dimensions. Explore our wide selection of rotating forks tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Our Rotating Forks are commonly used on small forklifts, high-capacity forklifts, telescopic handlers and wheel loaders. They can also be found in other applications, such as aftermarket fork positioners.

Our raw materials are rigorously selected to ensure product quality and compliance with the highest safety standards for our customers’ operations:

– Carbon steel (ASTM 1018, ASTM 1026, ASTM 1045, etc.)

– Alloy steel (ASTM 4140, ASTM 4340, QT 100, HARDOX 400, etc.)


Every fork is inspected as part of our well-defined and certified quality control processes.


We maintain a supply of fork blanks suitable for rotating applications with a capacity of up to 110,000 lb. Larger units are also available, although they may require a slightly longer lead time.

Our rotating forks meet ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 safety standards.


Why Choose Vallée for your rotating fork?

Best in Class Process

  • We have a large selection of forks in stock.
  • Our proprietary thermally managed weld process ensures a seamless and robust fork assembly.
  • Our on-site precision machining workshop ensures perfect positioning of the axle tube for the forklift’s rotator fork while providing a maximum surface area for welding preparation without compromising the integrity of the fork stem.

Delivery Time

  • Our industry-leading delivery means you won’t have to wait too long for your custom forks. 
  • Our standard lead time is only 4 – 5 weeks
  • We can even deliver faster if needed.



Our team's expertise

  • At Vallée, we have unmatched experience in the industry. 
  • Our fabrication team has spent decades on the shop floor, so we know what works.

Business Needs

  • We also take the time to listen to your needs.
  • Not every application fits the traditional knowledge base, but we pride ourselves on understanding your requirements and delivering exactly what you want.
  • We offer standard and custom manufacturing

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What is a rotating Fork ?

Rotating forks, also known as pivot forks or side shift forks, are attachments that can rotate or pivot independently from the forklift mast. Unlike standard fixed forks, rotating forks feature a rotating mechanism that allows the forks to swivel horizontally, typically up to 180 degrees or more. This rotation capability enables precise positioning and improved maneuverability when picking up or placing loads.

Why getting a rotating Fork ?

Transform your warehouse operations and streamline your forklift handling with our rotating forklift forks. These innovative forks provide greater precision, control, and safety, making your operations more efficient and easier than ever before.


Benefits of investing in rotating forklift forks include:


  • Greater precision and control with the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees, reducing the risk of damage to your products or facility
  • Increased safety by positioning loads more carefully and avoiding dangerous movements or sudden drops, preventing accidents and injuries
  • Improved efficiency and productivity with faster, more precise movements, helping you meet targets and keep customers satisfied
  • Versatility for a wide range of applications and industries, including manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing
  • Durability with strong materials and sturdy construction that can withstand tough conditions, providing long-lasting reliability without frequent maintenance or replacement costs.
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