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Vallée has been developing and designing forklifts for the sawmill sector since 1956. The timber industry is in the DNA of our forklifts. Our customers are looking for a versatile, agile machine with the best visibility at the end of the forks on the market.


Thanks to their central joint and high ground clearance, Vallée forklifts work optimally in confined spaces. The power of the engine and the hydraulic system allow them to lift surprisingly heavy loads. With their four-wheel drive, pivoting rear suspension and high ground clearance, you can work efficiently on uneven terrain without compromising on comfort. Accessibility to the engine and hydraulic pump makes it easy to service.


Our expertise in wood handling allows you to get the best solutions for your use.


Our engineering department will support you in the process of optimizing your solution, whether it is a forklift truck or an accessory adapted to your operations.


At Vallée, we like to discuss ideas with our customers so that your purchase is an extraordinary experience that will help you reduce your costs.


Unlike our competitors, at Vallée we understand that your use may require a unique end product tailored to the reality of your business.


That’s why, for over 65 years, Vallée has been a partner of choice in the design and manufacturing of robust, custom-made wood handling equipment and systems that are well adapted to the needs of each customer.

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