4DA25 XRT – 25 000 LB – EPOWER

Forklift: 4DA25 XRT – 25 000 LB – EPOWER

main features

  • Articulated electric cart with all-wheel drive: 4 X 4
  • Capacity: 25,000 lb at a distance of 24 inches
  • Ergonomic cabin offering more space and better visibility
  • Lifting cylinders positioned to increase operator visibility
  • High-capacity forklifts with 100% electric motors
  • Advice and support provided by the Vallée team for energy transition
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Low engine noise compared to diesel engines, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions




Loading capacity Empty weight Engine power
25,000 lb at 24 inches
ePower Engine (specifications to come)



technical specifications

  • Lifting height: 197 inches.
  • Mast tilt angle: 15/20 degrees.
  • Overall length: 235.5 inches.
  • Wheelbase: 137 inches.
  • Overall width: 100 inches.
  • Total height: 160 inches.

engine & transmission

  • Engine: ePower (specifications to come)
  • Transmission: Details to come


  • Designed to adapt to any terrain, even the roughest.
  • Compact in size but with high lifting capacity.
  • Designed for operator comfort.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to accessible design.
  • Exceptional strength and durability, ideal for tough conditions.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer (OEM) and benefit from unrivalled parts and repair service.
  • Pre-orders are now open for delivery starting in 2025.

Ongoing projects to improve cart performance


Energy recovery


We have a project to recover hydraulic energy from the lift that will be used as energy and will save the battery. This will also maintain the easy-to-repair aspect renowned for Vallée carts while reducing costs.


We can assist customers in exploring options to optimize their recharge, including opportunity charging (e.g., at noon). It will be possible to halve the battery needed for the day. There will be no reduction in the machine’s operating time on-site compared to current usage.


We are developing our expertise in a sawmill on their site’s four different positions of forklift usage. Soon, we can advise buyers and operations managers with the data we can collect on the machines we are currently using (e.g., GPS for tracking movements, pressure data relative to usage, and more!) This aligns with the bespoke approach known for Vallée services and the concern to offer practical solutions. We are already assisting this sawmill in planning its recharge infrastructure.


Environmental and economic impact


The forklift is entirely manufactured and assembled on our site, allowing for the lowest possible environmental impact and creating economic benefits in Quebec (local jobs according to responsible management standards). There will be at least a 97% reduction in CO2 emissions during use. The study regarding the impact of the complete life cycle is ongoing. Vallée forklifts are certified as made in Quebec.


We have calculated that electricity consumption costs will be 15% compared to the total consumption of a current diesel forklift. According to current calculations, the impacts can easily represent CAD 50,000 in savings per year for an average use of 8 hours per day over a year. The savings can be much more significant depending on usage. We can offer a solution for the forklift to operate on two 8-hour work cycles (i.e., 16 hours per day).


Advantages of Vallée forklifts versus loaders


We have worked with a simulation expert to evaluate the performance of a Vallée forklift versus a loader of the same capacity. The conclusions demonstrated that a new or used Vallée forklift has superior performance and profitability compared to a new loader.


Our research and development department studies also highlighted that a loader requires a motor twice as powerful for equal load handling as a diesel forklift. The difference will be even more significant when comparing the two machines in their electric versions.


We are working on product development to have the lowest ecological impact. We consider it our responsibility.


The demand for this innovation at Vallée is already strong.

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