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Rail Car Attachment

Enhance the versatility of your loader by equipping it to pull or push rail cars.
• Side shift clip allows you to push even when the cars are not perfectly aligned

• Suitable for all types of loaders

• Standard width: 48 in. (other widths also available upon request)

Features Details
Train hand - Wagon fastener
Increase the versatility of your loader. Pull or push train wagons.
Side-shift attachment
Allows pushing even without perfect wagon alignment. Adaptable to all types of loader.
Standard width
1.2 m (4 ft) (other widths available on request).
Manual or hydraulic locking, free or hydraulic side-shift.

Why choose Vallée for your equipment?

Proven expertise: With over 65 years of experience, Vallée is your trusted partner.

Customized design: Our engineering department creates solutions tailored to the specific needs of railway maintenance.

Unrivalled quality: Our equipment is made from top-quality materials and complies with the most stringent rail industry standards.

Adaptability to the rail industry: Vallée understands the requirements of the rail industry and offers reliable equipment to meet these needs.

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