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Quick Coupler with Hydraulic Locking Pin

Vallée quick couplers are strong, versatile and designed for optimal visibility. Horizontal Locking Pin (ISO, IT) Vertical Locking Pin (ACCL, Fusion)
Compatible with all models of loaders and hooks on the market

• Heavy-duty construction

• Increased visibility and minimal loss of capacity

Features Details
Designed to meet customer needs
Compatibility with loader brands
For all loader brands
Compatibility with all makes and models of handling accessories
Adapts to all types of hooks and direct sockets, no matter what brand or type of equipment you have

Why choose Vallée for your equipment?

Proven expertise: With over 65 years of experience, Vallée is your trusted partner.

Customized design: Our engineering department creates solutions to suit every need.

Unrivalled quality: Our equipment is made from top-quality materials and complies with the most stringent standards.

Adaptability for various industries: Whether you’re in forestry, logistics, mining, steelmaking or quarrying, or any other market that uses loaders, our products are made for you.

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