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Robustly designed fork carriers with forged forks to suit your needs.
• Robust and high visibility construction to make the operator's job easier

• Manufactured to endure the harshest mining conditions

• One-piece structure allowing greater lifting capacity

• Available with hook or direct plug

Features Details
4.3 m to 15.2 m (14 ft to 50 ft)
Can be tailored to customer requirements
Fork type
High-quality forged forks
Loader attachment type
Available in quick-attach or direct-attach versions
Compatibility with loader brands
For all makes of loader
Available options
Can be equipped with 2 or more forks, hydraulic or manual fork positioning mechanism

Why choose Vallée for your equipment?

Proven expertise: With over 65 years of experience, Vallée is your trusted partner.

Customized design: Our engineering department creates solutions to suit every need.

Unrivalled quality: Our equipment is made from top-quality materials and complies with the most stringent standards.

Adaptability for various industries: Whether you’re in forestry, logistics, mining, steelmaking, quarrying or any other industry where material handling plays an important role, our products are made for you.

Available with hook or direct plug

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