At Vallée, we have specialized in producing attachments for over 40 years. We offer an innovative line of handling tools specially designed for manufacturing, processing, and mining companies, as well as heavy handling operations.

Vallée promises a fast turnaround on a large selection of specialized attachments for loaders, lift trucks, and excavators, including a wide variety of buckets, fork carriages, and snow-removal attachments.

Driven by quality and productivity, Vallée can adapt and tailor attachments to meet customers’ needs. Versatile and efficient, our custom equipment department puts its expertise to work to create tools that optimize the productivity of industrial operations. Vallée—innovating to meet your every need.

Our attachments


Customized Attachments


At Vallée, we deliver innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs and expectations of our customers. With more than 50 years’ experience in mining, forestry, and the port industry, we have all the expertise required to build safe, modern, and robust attachments. Contact our handling tools department for personalized service.

Vallée Tools Department: 1 800 267-0355 EXT. 104