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Estimate Form : Standard Forks

You can download the printable estimate form and send it to our Parts and Services representatives by email at or by fax at 418-268-4740.

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Fork Details
Mounting class Distance between hooks Height of carriage Checkmark your selection
1 h2 12.05 in. 306 mm b 13.00 in. 331 mm
2 h2 15.04 in. 382 mm b 16.00 in. 407 mm
3 h2 18.78 in. 477 mm b 20.00 in. 508 mm
4 h2 23.54 in. 598 mm b 25.00 in. 635 mm

Fork Tips

Standard taper

Full top taper
Full bottom taper
Two stage taper
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Comparative assessment

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