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Tailor made products

At Vallée, we deliver innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs and expectations of our customers. With more than 50 years’ experience in mining, forestry, and the port industry, we have all the expertise required to build safe, modern, and robust handling tools.

With our versatile and customized tools, you can optimize the productivity of your industrial operations.

Vallée products meet manufacturing standard ANSI B56.6. What’s more, we are CWB certified under standard CSA W41.1 (Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel).

Here are some of our recent projects:


Industrial Manipulator

An industrial manipulator is essential when handling heavy loads on a production line. We were approached by a leader in th...

Double Bucket System

A client asked us to create a double-bucket system for tree planting, that would allow them to dig two holes simul...

Lifting Anchor For Loaders

We were contracted to create a tool to transport a loader inside a ship. Our engineering team designed a lifting a...

Mining Cable Manipulator

Following an injury to a worker, a mining company called on Vallée’s engineers and designers to create and produce an arm that co...