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Vallée 4DA35C – 35,000 lbs Lift Truck

Vallée 4DA35C – 35,000 lbs Lift Truck

Vallée 4DA35C – 35,000 lbs Lift Truck

Four-wheel-drive articulated industrial lift truck with a capacity of 15.8 metric tons (35,000 lbs.)


    • Four-wheel-drive articulated
    • 15.8 metric tons capacity at 610 mm and 914.4 mm load center (35,000 lbs. at 24″ and 36″)
    • Full hydraulic power steering
    • Full-view cab with overhead window
    • Integrated monitoring system covering the vehicle’s 16 most important functions
    • High-visibility mast


Product Description

With a lifting capacity of 15.8 metric tonnes (35,000 lbs.), this four-wheel-drive articulated vehicle sets a new standard in the industry. The 4DA35C is ideal for heavy loads and performs well on uneven surfaces, in extreme conditions and in environments where the size of the equipment is crucial. What’s more, this versatile and robust tool is backed by the Vallée guarantee.


Engine model Cummins QSB 6.7, EPA* – Tier 3
190 hp at 2,200 rpm
No. of wheels 4 forward powered and 2 rear powered
Transmission 6 forward and 3 reverse
Brakes hydraulic
Load capacity 15.8 metric tons at 610 mm / 914.4 mm (35,000 lbs. at 24 in./36 in.)
Lift speed 72 fpm / 0.37 m/s – (no load)
Hoist height 15 ft./4,572 mm
Overall width 2,616 mm (103 in.)
Overall length 5,182 mm (204 in.)
Roof height 3,556 mm (140 in.)
Outside turning radius 5,766 mm (227 in.)

* *Environmental Protection Agency
**Without air conditioning unit



  • Wet disk brakes with independent cooling system
  • Planetary gear axles
  • Welded articulated frame, heavy-duty construction
  • Large-capacity engine cooling fan
  • Hoist cylinders filled with oil



  • Tier 3 EPA-certified diesel engine
  • Minimal-restriction exhaust
  • Dual brake pedals
  • Full hydraulic power steering
  • Fork positioner
  • Pilot-operated hydraulic controls 
  • Comfort: full-view cab with overhead window and no channels in rear corners
  • High-visibility mast
  • Spacious cabin designed to ensure a comfortable ride
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Multifunction suspension seat
  • Steps and handrails designed to make getting into the cab safe and easy
  • Optional cab air conditioner



  • Complies with Safety Standards for Low Lift and High Lift Trucks (B56.1)
  • All-around and upward visibility
  • FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure)
  • CSA- or UL-approved parts
  • Central supply switch
  • Reverse travel light and alarm
  • Signalling light or emergency rotating beacon
  • Electric parking brake with indicator that shows whether brake is activated



  • Engine hood opens mechanically
  • Engine hood and cab can be completely removed for ease of service
  • Parts layout designed for ease of service
  • Centralized greasing system for hard-to-reach areas
  • Integrated monitoring system covering the vehicle’s 16 most important functions


Funk transmission
It has a completely assisted gearshift designed for increased productivity and performance, and can be adapted to each load with precision. As such, the time/performance ratio and fuel consumption are totally optimized.

  • Increased tractive force
  • Optimal progress


Completely redesigned cab

  • The cab is now wider, longer, and taller to give the operator more space
  • The front and rear window shafts have been removed to eliminate blind spots and increase all-around visibility
  • The overhead window allows the operator to see the load as it is being lifted
  • Improved ventilation system with strategically placed air vents that provide the operator with a more comfortable work environment
  • The multifunction joysticks are more comfortable and precise than hydraulic control levers  
  • With the now standard display monitor, the operator can ensure that the vehicle is working properly by monitoring several parameters of use


Cummins QSB 6.7, EPA* Tier 3
Cummins is the largest manufacturer of industrial diesel engines with over 550 distributers and 5,000 sales and service outlets in 190 countries.

  • Increased power
  • Maximum reliability
  • Complete system, optimized to deliver the best performance on the market
  • Easier integration for customers
  • Greener engine (requires 5% less fuel) that can be custom programmed to suit customers’ specific needs


Axle-Tech axles
These heavy-duty axles are specifically designed to perform in extremely tough conditions and with heavy loads. They are exceptionally durable.


Wet disk brakes
The components on these brakes are sealed for safer braking, lower operating costs, and unparalleled service life.


Hoist cylinders
The cylinders are now located behind the fixed sections of the forklift to increase operator visibility.

Optional features

  • Side shift fork carriage
  • Hydraulic auxiliary to the carriage
  • Hydraulic accumulator
  • Air outlet at the rear of the vehicle
  • Storage box
  • Wood block rack
  • Standard double-rear tyres for models 40C and 50C
  • Tires conform to customer demands or are solid (SOFTUFF)  
  • Non-skid guard on the fender
  • Distance marker
  • Fire prevention system
  • Customized transmission programming  
  • Compressor and compressed air outlet
  • Lateral ladder (not available for models 25C and under)
  • Wider platform facing the cab
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Hoist hook  
  • Windshield guard
  • Air conditioner  
  • Colour display screen
  • Luxury Vallée carpet
  • Luxury seat
  • Additional storage space 
  • Sun visor
  • Socket for CB (citizen band) radio service
  • Tinted windows
  • Boom suspension
  • Non-standard lift (standard 4,200 mm [14 ft.] on models 10–25C, standard 4,572 mm [15 ft.] on models 30C and higher): 6,096 mm (20 ft.) lift; 5,182 mm (17 ft) closed max.
  • Semi- or full-free lift
  • Step
  • Standard side shift 406 mm (16 in.)
  • Standard 5° leveler (not available on the 50C model) 
  • Fork heel locks
  • Fixed or detachable back rack
  • Forks
  • Underload positionner  
  • Rotation mechanism
  • Extra hydraulic output
  • Camera guidance system
  • Indicator and brake lights
  • Extra beacons: 4 front beacons, 4 rear beacons
  • Vehicle fleet management system
  • Remote control
  • Alarm system

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