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4DA10C “Mining” Lift Truck

4DA10C “Mining” Lift Truck

4DA10C “Mining” Lift Truck

Four-wheel-drive articulated industrial lift truck with a capacity of 4.5 metric tons (10,000 lbs.)


    • Four-wheel-drive articulated
    • 4.5 metric tons (10,000 lbs.) capacity at 610 mm (24 in.) load centre
    • Full hydraulic power steering
    • Integrated monitoring system covering the vehicle’s 16 most important functions
    • High-visibility mast


Product Description

Our underground lift truck is part of our renowned heavy lift truck series. The 4DA10C with a capacity of 4.5 metric tons (10,000 lbs.), it comes with four-wheel drive, an articulated frame, and is the shortest truck in its category. Even with heavy loads, in tight spaces, or on slippery slopes, this compact truck gets the job done safely while increasing productivity. The 4DA10C comes equipped with a fire suppression system (Ansul), and a variety of options such as fork positioning and carriage leveling.


Engine model Kubota V3307 T4I
No. of wheels 2 forward powered and 2 rear powered
Transmission 3 forward and 3 reverse
Brakes hydraulic
Load capacity 4.5 metric tons at 610 mm (10,000 lbs. at 24 in.)
Lift speed 1.5 ft/s  / 0.457 m/s
Hoist height 2,235 mm (88 in.)
Overall width 1,715 mm (67.5 in.)
Overall length 3,658 mm (144 in.)
Overall height 2,245 mm (88 3/8  in.)
Outside turning radius 3,860 mm (152 in.)



Some of the top reasons why the 4DA10D Lift Truck is so robust, agile and comfortable

  • Articulated for more agile operation, smaller turning radius
  • Compact sized but with a heavier loading and hauling capacity than similar sized lift trucks
  • Zero energy hydraulic system for greener operations, plus pilot-operated hydraulic controls for more accurate and flexible functional adjustments
  • Spacious full-view cab also sealed and pressurized to help maintain a clean, comfortable operating environment
  • Thinner structure mast made with high-strength steel to increase visibility
  • Tip-up hood for ease of service


Dana T 12000 Transmission
The completely assisted gearshift is designed for increased productivity and performance and can be adapted to each load with precision. With 3 forward speeds and 3 reverse gears, the time-performance ratio and fuel consumption are totally optimized.

  • Increased tractive force
  • Optimal progress


Kubota V3307 T4i Engine
Using advanced technology, like Center Direct Injection clean combustion that lowers particulate matter levels and a low-noise system that reduces transmitted vibrations and radiated sound, this operator and deep-mining-environment friendly engine delivers improved performance and efficiency.

  • More power
  • Maximum reliability
  • Constant nominal torque
  • Constant low-end torque
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased acceleration response time
  • Good cold weather start
  • Engine warranty


Dana and Funk Axles
These heavy-duty axles are specifically designed to perform in extremely tough conditions and with heavy loads. They are exceptionally durable.


Wet disk brakes
The components on these brakes are sealed for safer braking, lower operating costs, and unparalleled service life.

Optional features


  • Load suspension system with on/off switch
  • Camera guidance system
  • Engine block heater (Diesel)
  • Fender-mounted toolbox
  • Parking brake release
  • Color display screen
  • Sliding window
  • Signal and brake lights
  • Front mud guard
  • Non-skid guard on fenders
  • Windshield guard
  • Extra lift height
  • Mast step
  • Extra beacons
  • Customized transmission programming
  • Wood block rack
  • Alarm system
  • Side shift
  • Oversized mast (moment)
  • Active load screen displaying weight information
  • Handle on cab roof
  • Side flap

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