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Mobile tire handler MPM-35

Manipulateur de pneus mobile MPM-35
Vallée Mobile Tire Handler MPM-35
Vallée MPM-35 and Vallée Lift Truck 4DA55C
Manipulateur de pneus mobile MPM-35Vallée Mobile Tire Handler MPM-35Vallée MPM-35 and Vallée Lift Truck 4DA55C

Mobile tire handler MPM-35

Vallée’s 4DA55C-HD, 4DA65D and 4DA70D industrial lift trucks can be mounted with the Vallée MPM-35 tire handler to produce the most compact OTR tire handling system in the industry,  especially for mining and construction applications.

  • 35,000 lb.-capacity tire handler fitted onto 55,000-lb to 70,000-lb. capacity lift truck
  • 4-wheel-drive articulated frame: easier handling, more precision
  • Handles tires with or without rims and chains
  • Precision controlled tire lifting – proportional valves
  • Broad visibility
  • Made tough, durable
  • Made in Canada / Serviced in Canada
  • Excellent quality-price ratio

Product Description

The 35,000 lb.-capacity Vallée MPM-35 installs and rotates OTR tires up to 70/70 57 (tire, rim and chain). When combined, these two components afford operators greater precision and safety when handling tires, in all terrains and conditions. The truck’s articulation and mast tilt angle also offer operators added freedom and flexibility.
In addition, the grab pads are designed to make it easier for operators to grip the tires, clutch the rims and haul the chains. The proportional-valve-equipped hydraulic controls enable operators to handle tires onsite from the cab, with great precision and safety.


Handling capacity rating 35,000 lb.
Closing range 42”
Opening range 172”
Tires from 12.00 X 20 to 70/70 57
Chassis rotation 40°
Pad rotation 200°
Side shift Integrated
Wheel, rim and locknut accessory Standard



In addition to being the only equipment specifically designed and manufactured to handle industrial tires, the MPM-35 also provides operators in the cab with a broad surround and overhead view for added safety and maintaining excellent eye contact with coworkers on the ground.

Buoyed by the shortest wheelbase in its category for lift trucks with a 55,000 lb to 70,000 lb. capacity rating, the handling is unparalleled. The turning radius enables operators to carry out precise maneuvers, even within confined areas.

Thanks to its integrated design, the MPM-35 can change a tire directly on the unit, manipulate the wheel, rim and locknut efficiently, and handle tire sizes ranging from 12.00 X 20 to 70/70 57. The MPM-35’s capacity makes it possible to change even chain-fitted tires.