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Fork Carriage

Video porte-fourches-vallee

Fork Carriage

Vallée Fork Carriage

    • Suited for use with Vallée, Volvo, CAT, and any other types of hooks, or direct pin mounting.
    • Designed for strength and high operator visibility.
    • Equipped with superior-quality forged forks.


Product Description

    • Designed for loaders with capacities of 1 to 6 cu. yd. (0.765 to 4.59 m3) and more.
    • Available widths: 48 to 144 in (3.66 to 1.22m3).
    • Bushing or hook fork attachments.
    • Available in various dimensions (width, length, and thickness) according to loader capacity.


    • Manual or hydraulic positioner.
    • Hydraulic positioner with vertical movement.
    • Side shift.
    • Lateral leveller.
    • Package press.
    • Back rack.
    • With rotator.